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True leadership is about relationships at all levels. It is the connection between intention and impact and how a leader’s Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of every decision, action, and outcome in their leadership journey.

The coaching  relationship is about Exploration, Discovery, and Challenge in order to help close that gap between Intention and Impact. To have the individual explore and better understand their EQ and help discover new ways of being in todays dynamic environment of complexity and constant change. To leverage their strengths and to challenge themselves in purposeful choice and action.

Transformational not transactional conversations are the foundations of an exceptional coaching relationship.  It is about creating an environment for sustained improvement and to focus on an individual’s movement through and beyond new ways of development. Leaders need to ask themselves “what is it like to be on the receiving end of me?” Through understanding themselves at the core, leaders are in a stronger position to creating a significant leadership impact in order to contribute fully to self and others.


I founded Unleash Potentials in 2004 as a way to make a positive Leadership impact through coaching and facilitation. With over 30 years of corporate and leadership experience, my vocation is building sustainable leadership presence by focusing on an individual’s self-awareness, intention and impact, and emotional intelligence. Through courageous conversations, powerful coaching experiences emerge. My approach honours the transparency, confidentiality and distinctiveness of each client relationship.

The coaching relationship

is about Exploration, Discovery, and Challenge in order to help close the gap between Intention and Impact.


“If you’re not interested in getting better, it’s time for you to stop leading.


—  Patrick Lencioni

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